Dead Middle

I’ve been doing some work over the past year or so on the DL with a local high school.

It reminds me sometimes of how little faith we have in each other that we must demand proof to clarify your actions.  It starts with a simple hall pass then it never fucking ends as you grow older in life.

We love to suffocate with hate.  People say I’m naive because I prefer not to ask anyone to justify their actions. I love it when people just grow.  Grow wild.  Not pruned.

I will never need a hall pass and you can’t passively-aggressively make yourself believe that I should ever listen.  Quicksand thoughts will not deter me.  I am not sorry.

I don’t want your pass.

I love you.

Isn’t that enough?

Fuck you, if it’s not.

There are some of you out there that feel me.  Holla!

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