Howz it?!

The 808 is great so let me show you how it’s done.  Get some poke from the market: Ono, Foodland, or the big Japanese market in Ala Moana that used to be called Daiwa but now I don’t know what it’s called.  Then grab your gameboy and some beers and off to the beach you go.

Surf or just kick it.

Some poi and a shave ice and you are a triple threat.

Coco puffs and malasadas.  Haupia butter mochi.

Work it off in the water.

I love Hawaii.  Ohana.

My soul is splattered there, stained forever.

2 thoughts on “Poke

  1. Yadda mean. I remember being at Foodland and picking up some poke on a whim. I had my reservations since Foodland was a chain supermarket. But those disappeared w/ the quikness as soon as i grubbed. da beach, brews and tasty grindz= da life.

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