Strawberry Fields Forever

This is how I used to cook ten years ago. I look at it now and I get a laugh.  Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious.

She was called Baby Carrot.  It was carrot on carrot riding with squid on squid.  Ash roasted carrot with carrot oil hiding a mousse of spicy squid with squid ink vinaigrette. There was some house cured bacon too.

Flowers too…geez, what was I thinking?

They were great carrots from NorCal and squid from Monterey.

I can’t cook like this anymore.  The streets have been like LSD for me.  I can’t go back. It’s like The Beatles’ Hard Days Night, great song, nothing wrong.  But after their hair grew long and some acid trips bongs is when Strawberry Fields became Forever.

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