We Are Just An…

I don’t remember the first time I met Jon and Vinny.  You know those relationships that seem like they had no beginning, they just were always there?  Like you were homies from a past life and you just picked up where you left off?

I’ve had the pleasure of eating their food, cooking with them, being a part of collaborations, smoking dro on Fairfax, and sharing friendship.

Cool ass dudes = them.

Well, I ate there recently on a whim and what I thought couldn’t get better, got fucking better!

They are operating at a different level now.  Insane technique and complicated but defined flavors.

It’s always great to see Helen at the front too.

I was so elated I just started hugging her and others.

I was like “hey, can I hug you?”

“do you need anything, Roy?”

They looked at me quizzically as I went for one again and again.

“I just wanna hug”

“Uhm, okay…” they all obliged.

That’s what the Tandoori Octopus made me do!

Said thanks to the cooks and gave some dudes in front of Canter’s the last of my money in my pocket and drive home in the midnight drizzle.

Fo schnitzel.

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