Here in LA a lot of people have been talking, writing, reminiscing on the riots of ’92.  What about the kids of ’12?

Who gives a fuck about how it was.
Give a fucking fuck about how it is.

The kids today don’t need the adults worrying about shit that has nothing to do with them now.  Hey adults, focus on what is burning down now.

I was there in ’92 and I’m here now.  “Look how far we’ve gone” mentality is for the fucking birds.  Feed the kids and be selfish in your selflessness.

Some other shit I’ve been hearing is the “now” joke of – oh those are first world problems.  What does that even fucking mean?  Shift your efforts and walk through South LA, through the empty pockets of our youth, through the bedrooms of the abused, through the universe of Los Angeles street on Skid Row.  I don’t get the punch line and that shit ain’t funny.

I’ve been going through some deep shit this week.  Butterfly block party.  I’ve been thinking about leaving cooking for awhile.  I can’t find meaning anymore.  I traveled the path.  Culinary school.  NYC restaurants.  Professional career.  Flavor innovator.

But what does it all mean?

People that I try to convince in business that there is something special here, right here..only ask me about profitability.


Maybe I talk like I’m from Saturn but I don’t understand profitability.

Profitability when our whole existence is at stake?

Fuck you.

I stopped eating meat this week.  That’s why I’m thinking about leaving cooking.  How can I cook with out using meat?  I will taste, for now as that is my profession.  But I will no longer eat meat for my own consumption.

Animals be talking to me.  They told me..stop. Stop, Roy.  Please.

I talk to animals and kids.  I feed adults.  Time to switch.  Talk to adults. Feed animals and kids.

What are we gonna do about our streets now that you adults have accepted street food?

Are we supposed to put our faith in this man Jamie Oliver?  A Brit?  If so, then if anyone who reads this tell him to holla at me.  Really.  I can’t get to him.  Tell him come see me, no PR, no publicist, no barriers.  We can sit on the curb and join forces.

I’ll walk the streets, he can walk the boardrooms.

I got Jah turning my purpose into one long dreadlock.  One long beanstalk.

Who is gonna go to the clouds?


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  1. Just a suggestion, but if a talented chef such as you opened a Vegetarian/Vegan place it could totally rock the culinary world. It would raise the bar for delicious veg food, it might persuade others to follow suit, and I might just live there.

    You have the support of SuperVegan! Let us know if we can be of any help, or at the very least, take you out for a great Veg meal.

  2. this is great news. i don’t eat meat for ethical reasons, and the fact that a respected chef like yourself would choose to stop eating animals is huge.

    i’d love to see you embrace vegetarian cooking…for selfish reasons!

    all the best.

  3. Roy,
    You don’t need to quit cooking just because you quit meat. Maybe learning to cook without meat is just the new challenge and inspiration you need. Why not become one of the few talented chefs who can make a delicious meal without animal products? I’d love to taste what you come up with.


  4. I hear you man, especially with skipping meat. It’s not right to eat some of the animals and love the others. If you can skip all animal products it will only make you healthier, and help save billions of animals each year that go through totally unnecessary suffering. It also helps the environment because farm animals waste billions of gallons of water, eat most of our food crops, take most of the anitibiotics, and make more greenhouse gases than all modes of transportation combined. If you need support with it, please give me a shout. Peace!

  5. By the way, you can still cook all your tacos and stuff, just use one of the delicious meat substitutes like seitan, there are many alternatives, check them out. Please also make sure you keep the shrimp paste out of the kimchi….

  6. Roy, I love your cooking. You are incredibly talented. I don’t know you but I can imagine with you working on so many restaurants at once, you’re probably burnt out. You should take time to recharge your batteries. The way I see it, you’re either burnt out or bipolar. I saw you on TV recently and you seemed so inspired and overjoyed by the love and respect people give you for your food. Just weeks later, this blog post is so all over the place, negative, and kind of crazy. My advice: don’t take what you do too seriously; it’s JUST cooking. You have the privilege of being successful doing something that makes people happy and excited. Appreciate it. And take the time to rest and get some perspective.

    I hope everything works out for you. Thanks for all of the good food.

  7. A chef without meaning is like a chef with no taste palate.
    Keep writing, keep searching til you find the right flavor of answers.

    Being able to find joy within your passion is the ends to a mean.
    It is what you love that will define the joy in your life.

  8. Go on a vegan foodventure around L.A. and I promise you’ll be inspired! Saying you can’t cook without meat leads me to believe you haven’t had the good vegan shit. Just for starters check out L.A.Vegan Thai in West L.A., Mohawk Bend in Silverlake, Doomies in Hollywood and Vin Loi in the valley (it’s worth the drive, trust.)

    I’m totally confident that you’d make some bomb-ass animal-free food. Conduct a delicious experiment and see what happens.

  9. Di Lam- can I just stop by?
    Andrea- I’m working on it, stay tuned
    Lin- possibly you are right, thanks
    Quarry Girl- stay tuned
    Jane Mountain- I’m not quitting, just beginning something new
    Mark- working on new ways, promise
    Anony Mous- burnt out or bipolar? I don’t think so…Schizophrenic? Maybe. Cooking is serious to me.Just trying to find balance with the joy.
    AK- I’ve done a lot in the food space and just searching for another sound. I love cooking so deeply.
    Dinah- I have had many good meals on the East Side. Korean cooking deals with a lot of veggies as well. It was more of a question to myself of how will I start this new journey.
    Thanks to all of you.

  10. I happened across a post about you on foodbeast saying that you are thinking about not cooking because you’ve made the personal choice to be a vegitarian. May I suggest that you look into vegitarian BBQ options? It should not taste like meat, that’s not the point. but if you get that out of your head and enjoy the flavors for themselves, and do some expiramenting with various grilled veggies, tofu, mushrooms, seitan.. I know you’ll find that you can do even more when you focus on this.. I should be honest here, I’ve never heard of you before reading online about this post. I just would hate to see a fellow cook lose their vision because they’ve made a choice to stop eating meat. good luck

  11. Nice one, I’ve been cooking veggie for the last 5 years, and after a minute, you will think that cooking with meat is too easy. So many more flavors to play with.

  12. Hey Roy
    I’ve hit up your pop-up at Transmission LA at least a half dozen times in the last two weeks and your vegetarian selections inspired me to renew my commitment to a plant-based diet. I volunteer at John Muir high school in Pasadena which has started a farm project. The school has a high dropout rate and most kids come from economically disadvantaged households with little or no access to fresh and healthy food. The farm has not only begun to give them that access but has allowed them to connect with the earth and taught them about the nature/food connection. One of our goals now is to get the fruits of the kids’ labor into farmer’s markets and restaurants, not only to teach them entrepreneurship but also the importance of locally-sourced ingredients. Come check us out!

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  15. As a vegetarian I am happy yet sad, it seems you are giving up something you love. But I love the idea of working with kids and animals because unlike most adults there is still so much time to teach them things. I know my 7 year old autistic son is so into foods and cooking (even though he really doesn’t eat) so maybe you can teach these kids how to cook a veggie/vegan meal that also has the daily allowances of the food group.

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  17. Roy, I hear you–an admire your concern for LA…many don’t talk about the youth who go hungry in one of the earth’s richest cities. Many don’t mention that over half the population lives below poverty. As a former sub teacher who often gave her lunch away to hungry students–I hear you. Follow your heart/passion/movement–I did, when I left entertainment to become a digital organizer. With people like you–LA can’t lose. Forward always–and congratulations for becoming a vegetarian! You can do it–I’ve been one for 17 years now.

  18. A korean vegetarian/vegan truck, create a food dish that could feed the world and be sustainable? Soylent greens? lol. I hope you find something to do, juice bar in the ghetto? hit me up if you want to bounce off some ideas. North Korean comedy video? Have a good one.

  19. hey roy, i too been in this culinary industry for the most part of my career and can’t wait to get the hell out of it. not only that,(btw, i copy & pasted the following from my fb comment) i’m attempting to go the HUMAN food (organic plant source) too. been quite a challenge because of the addiction to eating animals and all the shit that’s added to make shit taste, look, and feel better. We humans were never meant to eat animals! just listen to my favorite fellow vegan… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni3U1WLvGS0&feature=plcp seriously, you will dig this guy. he is true to the heart and soul with absolut no bullshit what-so-ever and knows his shit through and through. i greatly greatly admire you for always keeping it real and true.

  20. Maybe you could begin by shifting away from meat-centric menus at your restaurants? If you’re interested in getting away from “profitability” as a core principle, I’d start by moving away from popular menus and maybe tell people more about what they should be eating.

  21. Hey Roy,

    Chef Tanya just left Native Foods (the small vegan restaurant chain), so they could probably use a new guiding light, and they could DEFINITELY use a food truck variation (as could Doomies, another awesome vegan place in town).

    It’s easy to have delicious food without meat.

    Good luck!

  22. You are what you eat
    You eat what you crave
    You crave who you are

    Who you are starts young
    Though young can last a lifetime
    When you look forward

    We’re with you Papi ! ! !
    Ignore the hype
    Keeping it real

  23. thank you!

    i love to explore new foods & fantastic flavors. i am a fan of your gorgeous grub. but i too am meat free more and more. trying to savor a gift from an animal with the honor it deserves.

    i also feel that LA cuisine is too meat heavy … how are there any beef cheeks or pork belly left in the world?

    i look forward to your veggie-tastic adventures … please invite us!

    much XOXO

  24. Hey Roy, if it’s cool we want to invite everybody this Friday May 4 to a performance by Inside Out Community Arts, the non-profit after-school program we teach at. Come check out 8 twelve-minute plays written by students at John Adams, Nightingale, Holmes, and Irving Middle Schools. The students pick the subjects and write and act the shows out and give the city a piece of their mind as to what they’re thinking about and what’s important to them and the future. We’d love to have everybody there, it’s free. Come check it out: http://www.insideoutca.org/

    And who could argue with more killer vegetarian dishes like the papaya salad at Sunny Spot?!

  25. Dude, you can’t quit now, vegetarian cuisine needs you and your innovation, just think how many people can be turned on to soul fulfilling food. One Love.

  26. Nicholas- thank you. It’s not because of meat that I can’t cook more than a larger question of how to move on cooking when meat is so prevelant in my restaurants and trucks.
    Daniel- thank you, it’s gonna be fun
    Araceli- I’m glad you enjoyed Transmission. I would love to come by the school, shoot me some info.
    Autumn Full Moon- the tofu tickle
    Helen- may the force be with you
    Jamiah- word is mutherfucking bond
    Han Kim- you got jokes
    Chaseki- thank you
    Michael- great point. it’s a big ship to turn and will take some time but I’m starting now.
    JB- thanks, tell em to hit me up
    Snowy- thanks as always
    Kenya- thank you. invitation is always an open door because there is no door, only open space.
    Hadley- thank you but I’m committed to an event on Friday, maybe next time?
    Jeff- one love. I’m just getting started in this piece.

    Thanks all!
    Going with my gut, thanks for riding shotgun with me.

  27. You wanna see what cooking out of passion, without meat, without being driven by profitability looks like, come and cook with us. Get outta the city for a minute, see what happens when everyone in the community still looks out for the children. Humanity is much more evident in a small town. take a break and come http://www.mineralrestaurant.com

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  29. Roy, Push the Korean banchan, tofu and brown rice to the next level. You can also do a lot with tofu now a days as well. Frankly, I think we need to reduce consumption of meat for the planet but for our bodies too. Your thoughts are on track for a healthier future for all of us. Keep going!

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  33. Maya- one way ticket
    Korean vegan mama- i’ll figure something out
    Anthony Bourdain- you might just have to before I get too far out. ha.

  34. Korean food does so many great things with vegetables and has so many excellent veggie and near-veggie dishes. With that to work with, plus your creativity and your chops, you’ll do something interesting and delicious with the shift. I look forward to seeing what you do!

  35. Roy, this is AWESOME that you are considering making food that doesn’t contain cruelty, antibiotics, hormones, pathogens, and serious environmental degradation. With your mad skills, you could make a seitan, tofu, or TVP taco sing!!! It really is easy to substitute plants meats for cruelty-based meats. Your followers will still stay with you. Change like this comes from the TOP down. It’s only when big names like you join the revolution that it really picks up steam. Look at how great the Veggie Grill does. Keep at it man! And thanks sooooo much for giving a damn.

  36. R, I had an epiphany myself a couple years back, struggled with it for a bit myself being korean-american (and fat) but once i committed to give up meat, like really committed, mentally, spiritually, physically, i never looked back. my diet is mostly vegan but every now and then on vacation i go pesce-veg with organic cheese and eggs. there’s no black and white. rise above the industry. think you’re talking to animals now? there’s a whole new level of communication w nature once you give up meat and live cruelty-free. your body will thank you. Jah will too. one.

  37. Wow . . . .
    This blog entry really hit me on several levels. I work in downtown LA, have been truly blessed in many ways, but still sometimes feel the pangs of “what’s it all for” that you have laid out so concretely and honestly. You are, of course, right that there’s a new generation now (I have two adolescent kids) and, although those of who were here in ’92 can’t help but think about it, we need to face the challenges of _these_ kids: what they’re inheriting from us (in all senses of that word). About a year and half ago, my husband and I made the decision to stop eating all animal products. We never turned back. At first, it was a little strange in some professional circles, but, increasingly, not so much. I have been to steak houses for business dinners, hotel restaurants, you name it and — the best chefs (and YOU of course are one of them) put together fabulous vegan dishes, even on a moment’s notice. There is also wonderful — but not nearly enough — vegan street food (e.g., jackfruit tacos and burritos, ban mi sandwiches, vegan ice cream (cocnut milk!), an infinite variety of curries, and scrumptious baked goods that leave you feeling satisfied but not weighted down. As a purely amateur chef, I’ve put together dinner parties for inveterate carnivores with fabulous results (vegan paella with oyster and portabello mushrooms; portobello “wellington,” stuffed poblano peppers drizzled with a creamy sauce) all the stuff you learned at the culinary institute, but made with the brightness / flavor / freshness and (not least of all) newness of plant-based foods. If I can do this, YOU definitely can do it 1,000 times better and I hope so much that you will. Lastly: do not stop writing. The best human beings struggle with their consciences and their decisions. You are a poet and, like the best of them, you challenge the rest of us to think about our lives, our choices, our souls. And, I can’t wait to see what comes out of your kitchen now!

  38. Well said!! Please consider using your influence and creativity to relaunch a Vegan food truck. I thank you for your compassion, the animals can use all the help they can get. Bless you for your kindness.

  39. Hey man, take your skills to cooking vegetarian!! There’s lots of great food to be made that is all veggies. If the food biz ain’t right for you, that’s cool. But you don’t have to give up just because you give up meet.

  40. I applaud your decision to stop eating meat. There’s so much AMAZING veggie inspiration out there – it can open up a whole new world of cuisine. I’m daydreaming about the taco possibilities!

  41. All you can do it what feels right to you. Stay strong and believe in your own abilities.it is what it is. :^*

  42. I hear ya, Roy. But tonight I’m heading over to Chego and having some of your kick-ass pork belly!

  43. When I read the headlines about you giving up meat and also thinking of leaving the industry. I thought “No, this can’t be!” I’m vegan. Have been for 7 years. Yet, when I first found out about your truck, I wished that I was in the Los Angeles area (I’m in the Orlando, FL area) to give your tofu taco a try. Instead, I looked at a photo of the taco on your site and recreated it at home. I can understand your frustration over the culinary industry as a whole. Chefs always talk about eating fresh, buying fresh, eating the best quality. Then they turn around and promote eating the most outrageous meals with less than par ingredients forgetting that children are watching and taking it all in. Part of what I would love to do as a vegan yet as defender of children, is teach them and their parents how to prepare amazing meals without the use of and harming of animals. I’m vegan for health reasons yet I discovered the plight of animals shortly after becoming vegan. How can we say we are against one thing and yet practice such cruelty? You are a true voice of the people and loud voice in the industry. Use your skills beyond what you perceive to be the limit, the world need more powerful change makers as you. The magic and power of movement is within your hands. I will email Jamie Oliver to help the masses. Fighting.

  44. We support you in your new vegetarian life and what it brings, and so mamy will, you can see from all these posts! Thanks from kids, from animals, and from caring adults!

  45. Roy,
    I don’t have any advice or wisdom, just admiration and appreciation for your public sharing of such a huge, and deeply personal, shift. People tend to latch onto things that either threaten them or that they can relate to, and then advise accordingly, (as the comments show). But for people with a passion for food as a cultural, sensual, creative expression of self, the socioeconomic, ecological, compassionate, and health aspects what we eat are complex issues. The only one who can sort them out is you, and no one else can tell you the right way to do it. I’m just grateful to have read your blog today. Your questions are inspiring. I wish you the very best.

  46. ColinS- thank you
    AnnS- top down, bottoms up it is
    Nibra- one love
    AJD- can’t wait either
    Lois- :)
    Dan- never giving up, just getting started!
    Jennifer- daydreams to reality
    Yodamom- gotcha!
    shen jc robinson- thank you
    Maria- u got it
    Mitch- ain’t no shame in your game, I hear you on dat
    Mark- Teddy Pendergrass
    Beyondnfinity- make it heard!
    Diana- thank you, I got you!

  47. There’s a lot of innovative vegetarian cooking happening in Taiwan because of the large number of Buddhists. And the type of food ranges from street food vendors to elegant, 5-star-like restaurants. And there’s even a bunch of vegetarian buffets over there!

    I’m sure with your skills you could definitely continue your journey :)

  48. Wakeup calls can be earth shattering mindblowing life changing experiences. Glad you had one! Change is coming! You have talent, use it, feed the people, the kids, all of us, and do it with your conscience at the forefront, and your spirit guiding you. Read these comments, we’re helping and supporting you. Thank you for being who you are. The animals thank you too!

  49. All the power to you Roy. I am sure many have asked or inquire about having a vegan food truck, why don’t you try first? Let me know what I can do to help! We have a great selection of vegan meat that taste even better and of course healthier and more compassion and environmental friendly!

  50. I was born and raised in South LA and my mom raised me Vegetarian. We always had tasty stuff coming out of the kitchen that my mom either grew or bought from the few local grocery stores in South LA (with the occasional stop to health food stores around town). Step up to the challenge. LA needs better Veggie/Vegan options and you won’t regret how good you will feel providing it (and benefiting from it.)

  51. Hi Mr. Choi,
    I commend you on your conscientious choice!

    I work with Green Menu, a non-profit organization helping to promote the benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet. I would be really interested in connecting with you to see how we might work together towards this common goal.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you are interested in working with us.

    Chad Carpenter
    Green Menu

  52. what a wonderful post to read, and what a wonderful new journey you are embarking upon! giving up meat means opening your world and heart to an array of options you may never have been exposed to before this life saving decision. i look forward to seeing what your next chapter will include and observing how you continue to influence your community for the betterment of all of us.warm wishes on your next chapter. i look forward to following your blog and life.lisa

  53. Before I went vegan, the food at your truck and at Alibi room were a weekly treat. Your food was inspired back then and now your words and actions are inspired. You have certainly created a legacy and I cannot wait to see what your future holds Roy. The Vegan/ vegetarian community will embrace you with open arms, guaranteed. Thank you for taking a stand and thank you for always keeping it real. Much love, Veggiefy

  54. Profound and honest, man, I haven’t agreed with anyone this much as long as I can remember. Whatever you do, it will be the right thing. Cheers.

  55. JJ- to Taiwan I go
    Gabrielle- I’m reading and I thank you. It helps me more than you will ever know!
    Sharon- much love
    Tafarai Bayne- I’m going straight to South Central and feeding the people
    Chad Carpenter- please contact natashaphan@gmail.com
    Lisa Shapiro- my heart is a wide open garage door right now, I can’t wait either
    Veggiefy- you all have already embraced me strong!
    Jeff- we out here trying to function!

    Thanks all,

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  57. Roy,
    We should talk. Surprised you can’t reach Jamie. I think I can help you with that.

    And have faith, you’ve done what you’ve done to get you where you are now, which is connected with the people feeding the kids and animals.
    You have opened doors for us, and will open more, that can only be opened by a person in your position.

    Come to the Ralph Bunche House next week. We’ll feed you – on all levels.

    And THANK YOU.


  58. After just reading your blog, I have a cuisine/restaurant idea and maybe you are the one!! LOL!!! If you are interested email me and we can talk more. I was at your truck on Olympic & Butler on Thursday 5/10. I was the one who has a sister-in-law in Phoenix who told me about you and she loves your short rib tacos!!!

  59. Maybe I’m just caught up in the moment, and will feel differently later, but I’m totally feeling you reading this right now man. I feel inspired. I look forward to seeing what directions you head in. I think I’m right now thinking seriously about vegetarianism for the very first time..

  60. This is great news! My whole family are vegetarians for ethical reasons. We love to eat good food, and get so discouraged by how the cool “foodie” culture seems to be all about excessive meat eating…DIY butchering, and all that stuff. I’m super stoked that someone as talented as you is giving meat-eating a second thought. As Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” good luck on your journey!

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  63. Follow your heart! It seems to be taking you in a positive and compassionate direction. I have never felt better, physically and spiritually, since I kicked animals foods a few years ago. I am happy to be teaching my kids a truly peaceful way of living which all people, animals, and the planet can benefit from. Cheers to you!

  64. I do like that you’re not saying your are anything in particular (LAWeekly) like vegetarian or meat eater and I REALLY enjoyed that article.
    I eat everything (except baby animals) and call myself a mostly vegetarian. I love and respect animals and that’s what hurts me most about this country… not your everyday people but many business men and women seem so disconnected from the natural world and they create this dirty food for the masses. The thing I most want to experience in this lifetime (other than living out my own creativity) is humanity turning back to a natural/local lifestyle when it comes to feeding and taking care of our bodies because that in turn takes care of the planet and all it’s other inhabitants.
    I’ve never had your food before but now that you are on my radar I’ll be checking out a short rib and a tofu taco from one of your trucks… that’s me the mostly vegetarian. My favorite vegetarian item is tempeh. Fried and sauced a million different ways. Delicious.

  65. good vibes from Copenhagen living Seoul-born VEGETARIAN – who loooves cooking and I can tell you – start cooking Korean temple food fusion or whatever – it’s lots of wisdom about food and health

  66. Hi Roi , My girlfriend Deanna is a vegetarian and Chegos is her favorite
    restaurant, so deal with that! She gets the sour cream hen house with tofu and no egg because you don’t use organic free range eggs there yet. But don’t forget you are doing great things for a lot of people. ..and have fans that are vegetarians too. PLus you are making food that is great and is affordable. I always compare any other food I eat to Chegos and nothing else compares in value of how good the food is to how much it costs.
    I was in South Central in 1991 to 1992 when I had my ceramics studio on 69th and Hoover. I got looted in the riots and had my studio building set on fire. The neighbors put the fire out THANK YOU NEIGHBORS !
    I moved out, I was crushed by the experience.
    You’ve created jobs for a bunch of people with your foods and your creativity. And the message that great food doesn’t have to be accompanied by high prices an snobby restaurants is clear.
    But it’s a sign of a true artist and seeker that you are looking over the horizon. PLEASE make some vegetarian dishes ! The vegetarian stuff you have is AWESOME. I still eat the Tinys Prime Rib though cause I just can’t help it it’s so good.

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  68. Rip dat door off its gone already hinges. Food for the seoul. Papi you been doin` it all yours, jus movin forward faster dan your skin. Lookin upward and into da deep. Jus wanna see more…

  69. Just came across your post, so this is way after the fact – loved your appearance on Guest DJ Project. I grew up in a cleancut suburb listening to PE, Ice T, Nirvana. Hit bottom a few years ago after I just could not go on feeling like a robot any longer – then began the search for ‘truth’ and meaning (as opposed to knowledge or money). Am sure you’ve heard many opinions – maybe downscaling operations so that everything is humanely raised (for example, certified by Animal Welfare Approved)? Also, think when you feel like you are no longer growing, then it may be time to move on .. hope that helps ~

  70. You rock it homie, you are my hero. I’m hoping that there could be a Roy Choi bobble head day at Dodger Stadium. And of course the concessions would be selling Dodger Dogs with Kimchi.

  71. Roy,
    First off aye, I want you to know just how much I look up to you and just how many peoples life’s you have changed for the better… including mine!
    Whatever you do “Please” don’t stop evolving. Remember OG, It’s all about the journey and most people only go on one… we choose to go on many!
    Grove St. Mob 4-Life.

    • Roy,

      You’re a poet and I’m a friend.

      But I agree you have to put your money where our mouths are. Last time I checked, people didn’t eat meat because they liked hurting animals. They do it because it tastes good holmes.

      Make vegetables taste good. Do it like they do in Thailand. With heart. None of that fake veggie burger shit. But real vegetables with real flavor. Be the messiah. The sheep are ready.

  72. Yeah, you have now discovered some old-timey, compassionate-being, good-neighbor-hippie values, so good for you. But look, Ima be watching you for some long term commitment– just because there is something ever so slightly fishy about you riding the Foodie-Meat-Loving trend and now you’re all about the Animal-Compassionate-Veg trend.


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