Hot Fudge

I’m still a kid in many ways.  Horrible at negotiations. The worst at compromise.  Still count with my fingers. Temper tantrums daily. Day dreamer. If I didn’t have things to do, I’d play video games continuously and never take a shower. Naive idealism. Love toy stores.  Sleep late wake up early. Drown my butter in popcorn. Love Slurpees.  Still eat my broccoli with a wince. Cannonball king in the swimming pool.

And most of all, I love hot fudge sundaes.

I saw Wreck-it-Ralph yesterday, it was aiite. Fun animation, a bit laborious and predictable in the story telling. Jane Lynch was spot on. Don’t know why they have to insert Hobo and Homeless jokes to a whole new generation of kids. It’s unnecessary to repeat the same homeless jokes from 30 years ago and perpetuate the ignorance. It’s some serious shit out there on the streets. But it’s adults now from Gen X and Y that grew up with these jokes that still think they are funny or relevant that are running Hollywood. Stop it!
The kids now don’t need that useless humor.

Anyways, downed a whole box of Milk Duds, some Dreyer’s Bits and then got some ice cream.

Kind of wrecked myself.

Got me thinking about giving you guys a fancy hot fudge recipe.

My first job was dish washer at an ice cream parlor.  Melted ice cream and hot fudge smell kind of rank on your clothes the next morning, but they are Ohhhh so good when they are in your frosty glass.

Scoop some ice cream and pour this warm ganache over it all.


Fancy Hot Fudge

4oz of sugar
2qt of heavy cream
4oz butter
4 pounds of chocolate shaved or bits
4 fluid oz of Grand Marnier
Pinch of sea salt
Splash of orange juice from an orange

Mix sugar, cream, and butter and heat to a simmer whisking constantly.

Take away from the fire and add the chocolate whisking to incorporate.  When cool, whisk in the liquor, salt, and orange squeeze.  Keep warm.

Pour over ice cream and top with whipped cream at medium peaks, some Luxardo marischeno cherries, crushed salted cashews, and crushed Oreo cookies.

Fancy Schmancy.

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