The Road Ahead

What up.

This marks a big month for a lot of things here in the city of angels and the devil in me.

It will be four years this month that Kogi started on the streets of East Hollywood. I see the Twilight posters on the bus stops lately and remember it was the day the first Twilight opened at the Cinerama dome when we started slangin them tacos in the midnight mist. A lot has changed but Kogi still slangs them tacos and I’m so floored by how relevant it still is to your life.

I taste it everyday and it still tastes like the morning dew. There’s something special about it. Gonna try to see where the next four years lies for Kogi.

The first four have been by the seat of our pants. Complete adrenaline. Maybe it’s time to get organized and see how it can evolve. Who knows…

In any case, whatever happens, thanks for everything and it’s been amazing to see the city and both counties and the country change the way it eats.

It’s also a big media month for me. There are three major things out there that I hope you all enjoy.

- Complex Magazine‘s First We Feast. I’ve been trying to get hip hop to write about food 4eva. Finally it happened in the best way possible, through a young homie of mine, rekstizzy. He knocked it out of the park.

- Lucky Peach: Chinatown Edition. Dave, Peter, and Chris came to me to contribute and it wasn’t even a question. Dave Chang is the homie and the trailblazer. I got mad respect for all that he does, but him and I haven’t collabed that much. So to have this chance, made me wanna put my heart into it. I think y’all will like the little piece I did. I gotta give thanks to the author. She really spent some time to capture my flow.

- Food and Wine: December issue. This month a story I did last year on Honolulu will come out. I’ve been going to the 808 since I was 16 and to me, it’s my second home. It was a week with Mr. Gold searching for that gold that can only be found when you make a left from Waikiki and step out of your tourist map. It was a very special trip for me on many levels. It was my lei back to Hawaii for all that it’s done for me.  It was also where I met the photographer on the story who I clicked with so much that we brought him on to do all the photography for Spaghetti Junction.

- Speaking of Spaghetti Junction, this month also marks the deadline for the book. We are finishing photos this week, testing recipes, manuscript is done, and turn it all in by the 30th.  It’s been a great year in writing this story and we are gonna make it feel so much like LA that your fingernails are gonna get dirty by just turning the pages. It’ll be out next year and I hope y’all like it. We definitely put our back into it. Ha.

Have a great week.

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