Old School

I used to walk down streets
Valets shuffling their feet
Gazed into windows
As people cut into their meat
And stiff upper lips
When I turned the corner
The same penguins were smoking in the alley
Just like Santa Claus when I was five
What you looking at kid?
The sucka was smoking and all I saw was a broken man broken dreams
It was hot that winter in LA
Sweat beaded
And I no longer needed
The lies and propaganda.
I’ve never been a holidays type of guy
Never went to my prom
Never was that pure after I hit ten so how could I believe this was all because of some Puritans?
The valets were just homies I knew
I connected to them growing up only equating fancy restaurants with food to be chewed
Special occasions
I just wanted normal locations
But through the dogs and ponies
I found an island for my lonely
And it shattered into a thousand pieces.


1000 Island Dressing

1 gallon of mayonnaise
1/4 gallon of Heinz chili sauce
1/4 gallon of ketchup
1/4 gallon of dill relish
1/4 ounce of Tabasco
1 cup of minced green onions
1/4 ounce of black pepper
1/4 ounce of dry mustard powder
Small pinch of salt
Small splash of lemon juice

Whisk together.
It’s so simple and so good.

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