Where I Belong

I’m going back to my whites.  Did I ever leave?

Probably not.

It hasn’t been a case of private jets and green rooms for me.  I’m on the grind everyday on the streets of LA and OC.  But there have been choices I’ve made over the last couple years that has moved me from what I’m really happy at to feeling like I had to do things I’m not really good at.  Like thinking I had to be more than just a cook.

Over the last year I’ve found myself over-seeing versus doing.

Of course, that’s an important thing.  I just miss my fingers smelling like onions and garlic everyday.  I miss the repetitive motions.  I never left the kitchen, but it’s also evolved into running a business.

Life is about choices though.

And as I searched deeply over the past six months and as I’ve changed my eating habits, I found that swimming against the current was always in my street clothes and swimming like a tuna was when I’d be in my whites.  It was a journey to the farthest most alleys to find my way back to my dojo.


What does this mean?

Only delicious things, hopefully.  I have a wonderful team that I’m a part of in each outlet.  Nothing has changed with them.

It’s just I will be more happy and the quest continues.  Day in day out.

Back to speaking without words.


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