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Happy New Year to all of you.

It’s been a fun 2012 on this blog giving you all a little piece of myself and getting to know you in return.

There is a lot in store for 2013, especially the thing that sparked this whole blog to begin with: Spaghetti Junction. The book.

SpeedwayMy co-writers, the publishing house, our agent, and our photographer have banded with one singular purpose: write a book that truly represents So Cal to the universe. We only hope that it will be a portal, an electron that connects us all, that feels and smells a lot like LA and OC. Not one stone will go unturned in bringing you the best book that we can. On the grind daily!

There will be new eating establishments and a hotel that I will be involved with in the heart of Koreatown that will open late summer. Eat, drink, sleep, make babies-type of flow!

Another concept I’m working on is in Venice with a partner that inspires me creatively and focuses on a food you normally wouldn’t associate my cooking with. If we get it going, then there’s gonna be no going back for all of us!

Bombs dropped. You will enjoy. Promise.

And my core families at Kogi and Chego should pack a few surprises that will continue to connect the dots on this ever evolving journey that only the taco could have shown me.

Stay tuned. We got you.

There is also a project in South Central LA that I hope to expose to you soon, and when I do, I hope that you will support and spread the joy of good food to be accessible to all the people that surround my life. Good affordable food, no matter what the circumstance, as the primary fundamental core value and agreement amongst each other as citizens, even before education. No matter social or economic class, at least everyone can access the same good food. Level fields. Then we grow from there. No rolling eyes here, real shit that has a long way to go.

Come with me and ride shotgun, because I’m driving. It’s a long drive but I got a full tank.

This blog has given me strength, and I thank you for reading. I’m always that dude that might see you on the street or hug you at my restaurant. I’ll always be cooking and my teams always represent in our kitchens and in service whether under a street lamp or beside a candle. And next year, the streets are only gonna get wider and the hugs deeper, as I continue to write and find a way to piece together words that I never could find growing up as a quiet kid.

Happy New Year and buckle up because the race has just begun.


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