John Rambo
Breathing that cold air
Cold smoke
That feeling of hiking
High above
In between
Fingers cold
Cheeks hollow
Feets just follow
Senses awake
You can hear your breath
It’s wet
Air is thin
Rocks are loose
Screws too
Heart pumps
Instincts jump
Cold smoke
Is it always up
Sometimes not
Sleep in fetal
Blankets of needles
Clanging tin
Beards growing past thin
At some point you gotta eat
Drinking water from petals
Sucking bark
Comfort in the dark
Mount Everest
St. Helens
Lake Tahoe Talac
Big Bear
And Back
Alaska bound
Last frontiers
Surrounded by deer
For storage
Beyond baked beans
Nothing tastes better
Than kimchi fried rice up in the mountains
In that cold thin air
Nostrils frozen
Saline drips
One grain of rice
From your lip

3 thoughts on “Campfire

  1. My recipe for kimchi fried rice:

    Ingredients list:
    Cooked (leftover is even better than fresh) Asian sticky white rice
    Bacon/spam/hot dogs
    Diced onions
    Whatever other diced veggies you want (scallions, carrots, peas, bell peppers, corn)
    Napa cabbage kimchi (aka bae-chu kimchi – get real, you’re not gonna pickle ur own kimchi so go out and buy a jar – I usually get chunju or arirang brand; chunju is unmarked in English, the only distinguishable mark on the jar in English is their address at 2992 w pico in LA)
    An egg or two
    Soy sauce/ketchup (yea, I don’t care if its ghetto putting ketchup in my fried rice if I feel like it, but it tastes good so don’t hate)

    Cook time : 10-12 min.
    Basically cook the bits of bacon or whatever meat of choice in a fry pan and then add diced kimchi and onion and let it stew in the pan to release its flavors and cook out a bit.

    Just add the rest of your raw veggie ingredients and let it cook to how you like.

    Add the rice and butter/oil to make it jive altogether.

    You can add soy/kimchi drippings/ketchup to the whole thing and toss around for a minute or two.

    I make a circle in the middle of my pan to add egg and scramble it around and mix into the rice mixture.


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