Vegetables Can Be Nasty, Girl


This was a meal we cooked amongst fam yesterday. To-tori Gooksu, basically is the name. A throw-it together dish sometimes eaten amongst farmers with their bounty or amongst college students in alleys.

It’s one of my favorite things to eat. And I’m gonna put it on the menu at my new spot in Koreatown late summer, The Line Hotel on Normandie and Wilshire.

It’s basically soba noodles on blast. Garlic made into a grated purée, ginger, green onions the same way. Kimchi, shredded lettuce, shredded sesame leaf, sesame seeds, sesame oil, mountain herbs, and a sauce made from a kochujang blend some vegetable broth and some vinegar. Mix it all together and eat cold.

It’s pretty awesome. Like a spicy garlic Slurpee.

Some other homemade goods are the two fermenting pastes that we worked on all winter in the back there. Dwenjjang and kochujang. Some fresh radish kimchi julienned. Soy marinated gobo or burdock root. And some fresh greens. This meal will leave your breath smelling for at least 36 hours, but the moment will last forever.

Vegetables can be turnt up and get nasty if you just have fun with it. Steamed and bland is over. Let’s move on.

3 thoughts on “Vegetables Can Be Nasty, Girl

  1. Great news that you’ll be in koreatown this summer. I’ll be a regular for the new spot in my home turf and this smelly bowl will be the reg order. #dirtyvegans #turntup

  2. That all sounds like something I’ve made before yet it was cooked, served with rice and a soup. Then I add banchan like sauteed greens, instead of pan-fried tofu, I bake mine, and then maybe a soybean sprout salad.

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