Man of La Plancha

Army green
Salsa Verde
Not fighting wars
No reason
Kill em all they say
Jump to conclusions
Protect illusions
Flat tops
Not sure if my green fits into a canteen of being mean
Barrels of laughter
Barrels down your throat
Is what I’m after
My flat top has grown out
Hippie hair
We blame one simple conclusion
Propaganda tactics that scare
Try tortillas instead on la plancha, man
A little love
And maybe let our flat tops grow out
And see
Really see
With seasoned souls
That it may not all be what it seems
It may not seem to be all that we see
And realize that the control and violence
Whether it’s them or us them or us them or us them or us them or us them or us them or us them or us
Tricks your innocence
Into believing
That you really grew a pair.

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