Fruit Tree

The first step to a two year dream is happening.
This will then be a first step to a world where what we know may not be true anymore.
Where food is not the challenge, it’s what prepares you for the challenge.
Please join me in our opening day celebration of a small cafe in hopes of starting a trend where great food is accessible everywhere.

You are all invited!

This is just a start.
A smoothie stand with fresh fruit.
But if you never start then how do you ever know?





Don’t worry about the RSVP, that was for my email lists.

Just show the fuck up and support.

I love ya!


3 thoughts on “Fruit Tree

  1. Very excited about this and what it means to the Central Ave corridor. I’ll be by for the grand opening and think this will be a great complement to the bike lanes we are working on for Central Ave.


  2. Lots of Rainbows today at 3 Worlds Cafe opening:
    fruits, peoples, ages, and walks of lifes
    Serving smiles all day long !

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