I ate a bowl of jjanjjangmyun and got turned on to Vivian Maier. You should too.

Gonna be busy all week doing final photography for the cover of the book. We will be all over LA so if you see me, honk. I’ll wave back.

Hoping to get an image to represent LA in that timeless sort of way. If we fail, maybe I’ll just do a selfie for the cover…ha.

Also gonna put some new things on the menus at A-Frame and Sunny Spot within the next couple weeks and Kogi and Chego by the end of the month.

Should be a fun week.

Mineral Man


I lost a very close figure in my life yesterday and the least I felt I could do is honor him on this blog.

95 years on planet earth.

Sometimes certain humans make a difference, even if you may not notice.

Edward Swoboda basically created the gem world we know today. He was in the Amazon discovering emeralds, or in Mexico digging up tourmaline, before there was television.

I’ll let you read up on him on your own and through this link.

I got my name from him. He gave me his middle name at birth when my parents really didn’t know what to call me in English.

He always provided my family with an opportunity to succeed even when many doors were closed.

There were stories of South America and Africa that used to fill my imagination as a young kid as he told them like Sean Connery in Indiana Jones.

He was a heck of a cook too.

The body is just a shell.

But his spirit sure used it well.

Start Your Engines

Happy New Year to all of you.

It’s been a fun 2012 on this blog giving you all a little piece of myself and getting to know you in return.

There is a lot in store for 2013, especially the thing that sparked this whole blog to begin with: Spaghetti Junction. The book.

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